HR — it’s a pressure cooker

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We wanted to bring to your attention an article published in the Wall Street Journal on April 18, 2010, entitled, “Ten Things Human Resources Won’t Tell You”.  While much of the article serves as advice for the employee in maximizing their experience with HR, the Journal also speaks to the need for HR to take on a more active role in driving company performance – something that we certainly endorse.

The author, Jim Rendon, points out the fact that in recent years, HR departments have been under increasing pressure to justify their resources and impact the company’s bottom line.  As evidence, Jim cites a study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) where head count for the average HR department fell from 13 employees in 2007 to 9 employees in 2008 – we are sure partially driven by the economic and labor market (i.e., recruiting downturn).

Given our experience, we…

Introducing new Onboarding Margin™ frameworks, and our new book — Successful Onboarding

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We are excited to formally introduce, and widely share, highlights of some important work that we have been doing on the Onboarding front. These include a new website, our new book, lots of underlying research and framework development as part of our book (Successful Onboarding, McGraw-Hill release date of June 26, 2010).

When we started the book development exercise we reexamined many of our frameworks and tools.  We discovered that while large portions of our original frameworks held up well, there were some pieces that had become a bit dated and some critically important pieces of the solutions that we were bringing to our clients were left out altogether.  Today we are beginning to formally share many specific developments of this work with our onboarding friends.  We invite you to read a lot more than we can reasonably include in this message at our new website

As you…

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