Onboarding goes Pop [Culture] — thanks Chipotle!

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If you enjoy Tex-Mex and Onboarding, then you may enjoy a visit to your local Chipotle restaurant, and take home an Onboarding keepsake — your very own soda cup welcoming “new-hire Glen” to the office.  Chipotle has taken Onboarding, tongue and cheek, mainstream and is making it part of Pop-Culture.  For us Onboarding advocates, it feels like we are breaking through, albeit on the side of Chipotle’s soda cups.  Here you will find the story of Glen.  In this story, new hire Glen is invited to join his team for a lunch out at Chipotle, but first the team leader Rick (aka, the hiring manager) gives Glen a helping hand.  Rick provides Glen with insight into the office culture — at least…

How Inspired is Your Employment Brand? See what Apple and IKEA have to say

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This weekend, we found outside the local IKEA a placard advertising the opportunity to work at the company.

This sign struck us — as it made a truly distinctive impression — that working at IKEA is not like working anywhere else.  Of course, like many other campaigns around employment brand, there was a written brand representation: “Why-Sayers”.  But this one said something unique.  It expressed the idea of a rare opportunity, not by making a claim that we offer a rare opportunity, but rather by being explicit on what about IKEA employment makes it a rare employment opportunity.  This was not watered down corporate mission statement about opportunity for all.  It was an emotional appeal that said, if this excites you, come on inside and join us.  But it needed to start with an expression that was exciting….

Onboarding Requirements as a Result of a Merger

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A common and obvious extension of traditional new hire onboarding is the onboarding requirements when two organizations merge (and more common when one is subsumed into another) as a result of an acquisition. Today’s New York Times has a great story on the challenges with the merger of BusinessWeek (sold by McGraw-Hill) into Bloomberg News. Everything is new for these veteran ex-BusinessWeek employees — culture, process, strategy, etc. — and they also have all of the “survive, let alone thrive” stress of becoming a staff member at a different organization.

What do you believe Bloomberg should do beyond what is outlined in this article? Do you know of anyone on either side of this merger? Any insights to share?

“An Uneasy Marriage of the Cultish and the Rumpled”: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/26/business/media/26bizweek.html

Booz Allen’s Onboarding Program Wins a Bersin & Associates Learning Leader Award

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We are excited to recognize one of our clients, Booz Allen, for winning a 2010 Bersin & Associates Learning Leader Award for “Learning and Talent Initiative Excellence” (http://bersin.com/leaders/2010_winners.asp).    Booz Allen won this award for the recent redesign of its new hire onboarding program.

In the award announcement, Bersin & Associates commended Booz Allen for “improved job readiness of new hires” as well the “efficiency gains, stronger employee affiliation with the firm, and reduced attrition” that have resulted from Booz Allen’s onboarding program improvements.    As a key partner in Booz Allen’s onboarding redesign effort, we are extremely proud of the program’s success and the industry recognition that it has received.

For more information regarding Booz Allen’s onboarding redesign effort, you can refer to Chapter 9 of our book, Successful Onboarding.   Chapter 9 discusses…

Kaiser Associates and Booz Allen Win an ASTD “Excellence in Practice” Citation

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The American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) has awarded Kaiser Associates a 2009 “Excellence in Practice” citation for our role in the design and development of a formal, year-long onboarding program for our client, Booz Allen.

ASTD writes of the enhanced Booz Allen program: “The onboarding program promotes accountability while creating value for new hires and the firm.  Immediate results include reported improvements in new hire job readiness and time-to-productivity, as well as efficiency gains from the elimination of duplicative processes.”

Kaiser Associates is honored to receive an “Excellent in Practice” citation from ASTD.   For more detail regarding this ASTD recognition, please refer to the 2009 ASTD Awards Packet (Page 16): (http://www.astd.org/NR/rdonlyres/1079E047-4A25-4A63-A39F-1DAEF1C69808/0/AwardsBookletfor2009Awards.pdf).

More Workers Start to Quit

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Today’s (May 25, 2010) Wall Street Journal has an article titled “More Workers Start to Quit.”

This article highlights an incredible trend — when considered in light of the current unemployment figures — the trend being: for the first time since October 2008, the number of people who quit their jobs in March 2010 exceeded the number of people who were laid off in the month. Most concerning, for those of us who worry about retaining talent, is that the monthly figure of those who quit is still about 500,000 less than its traditional average and about half of what it was in periods between 2005 and 2007. We should quite reasonably expect this figure to increase significantly— for all of the reasons outlined by the Journal. Unless we are hit with a double dip recession, the…

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