Onboarding Margin Discussion Announcing Kaiser’s Onboarding Maturity Framework and Program Assessment Tool

Announcing Kaiser’s Onboarding Maturity Framework and Program Assessment Tool

Posted on Thursday, August 7th, 2014 | No Comments

We are pleased to announce the debut of Kaiser’s Onboarding Maturity Framework and Program Assessment Tool, built upon the principles and concepts of the Onboarding Margin™.  This exciting new tool helps organizations measure the ‘maturity’ of their new hire onboarding programs. Furthermore, the tool provides HR, Talent Management and Onboarding Program Designers/Practitioners/Executives the opportunity to evaluate their onboarding programs across a variety of dimensions, enabling them to pinpoint particular areas of strength and opportunity.

Using our Onboarding Maturity Framework & Program Assessment Tool will help you in the following ways:

  • Perform preliminary diagnosis on the maturity of your organization’s current-state onboarding program and processes
  • Know where your organization stands relative to World-Class and identify key opportunity areas, performance gaps, etc.
  • Help you understand ways to maximize the ROI from your onboarding program
  • Enable you to develop and/or gain support for a business case for onboarding investment
  • Enable entire redesign project teams the ability to have meaningful and actionable discussions around planning and investment in the area of onboarding

The Onboarding Maturity Framework & Program Assessment Tool captures your key data points and our onboarding experts conduct a quick diagnostic that will analyze the current state of your onboarding program, and then provide a quantitative and qualitative rating which reflects the overall maturity level of your program. After you take the assessment we will provide you a summary report and debrief with you regarding your assessment results.

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